Fellow Landscapers Blog: Landscape Stairs

Hello Fellow Landscapers!

This last week we installed landscape stairs for a client. This stair system ended up being 6 steps. We used a natural stone that was roughly 5.5” thick, 18” wide and 3-4’ long. It took a lot of man power and some planning to place these massive steps.

We had to remove the existing stair that was failing and dug into the hillside to set the steps. We installed the steps on a base of AB3. Once the warmer weather moves back in we will fill all of the joints with decorative rock mixed with dry concrete to prevent weeds and give it a natural finish.

It was a blast installing these and we hope that they last as long as the great Egyptian pyramids.

We are always one phone call away or one one click of your email programs! You can also find us on Google Maps and/or from our Google Listing – search as under American Lawn and Landscape Kearney MO. American Lawn and Landscape serves the greater Northland Area of KCMO and we provide full landscape services, including drainage, irrigation, custom build patios and outdoor living spaces. Our team of dedicated landscape professionals is available to serve you and provide you with an excellent service.

When we have happy clients, we are happy landscapers!

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