So many of us want to escape from the confines of our four walls and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful quiet of outdoors on a beautiful day. What we don’t want is to feel uncomfortable sitting exposed outside on a bare lawn as spectators pass by. What wouldn’t we do to have our very own garden oasis in our backyard?!

AMERICAN LAWN AND LANDSCAPE can give you a place to escape where you can be rejuvenated and ready to face what’s waiting back in the reality of your home. With a beautifully designed landscape surrounding you, you can finally relax and enjoy the fresh air.

One of American Lawn and Landscape’s design professionals will give you a free design consultation which includes getting to know your priorities and preferences. We will incorporate appropriate and maintainable hardscapes and plantings to create your outdoor space. From a simple design to a garden paradise, we will work hard to give you the look you desire. We strive to be the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and the surrounding areas!


  • Custom Landscape Design
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Plant Wellness
  • Landscape Upkeep
  • Fertilization and Irrigation


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