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Planting Native Plants = Save Some Dough

A Garden of native plants” by mccormacka is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

How come I’ve never thought about this before? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on plants that may or may not get well established, how about plant our garden with native plants that have learned how to adapt and grow in our Missouri clayish ground? We want to be the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and that’s why every time we come across something cool, and pretty, and useful, we just have to share!

This past weekend, I’ve got to attend the Midwestern Beekeeping Association meeting at the Bass Pro Shop in Independence, MO and got to hear Tracy Twombly from Sow Wild Natives speak and present on native plants that are good for the bees.

The advantages of planting wild native plants are numerous but the surprising one was that native plants have deeper roots and that they help store carbon in the soil. Turns out that the trees and their leaves are not the only natural filtration for carbon! Native plants can provide additional forage for honey bees, especially in early Spring when the hives are ready to switch gears from their winter regiment and to move into their active frenzy of searching for food and building their families. Last but not least, with a crafted selection and some wise choosing, our gardens can become the largest national park in the world!

Yes, that’s right! Tracy’s resources are available at their website, including Garden Tours (sign up or it might be too late!), but I am going to find and buy the book Nature’s Best Hope by Douglas W. Tallamy – starting in my own backyard, planting native plants can help us establish hundreds of thousands of mini National Parks, full with wild plants that are both beautiful and functional.

We love sharing good resources with our friends and clients. That’s why it was an easy decision to share this post and to put it out for all to see. We continue to strive and want to be the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and that can only happen when we approach every idea with an attitude of sharing. If you happen to go and visit Sow Wild Natives at their Noland Rd location in Kansas City, tell them Nasko from American Lawn sent you!

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Tackle That Landscape & Let Us Help You

Spring is around the corner and this is the perfect time for you to learn some more about landscaping. I want to have my house and property look nice but a lot of times the question is how to do that. We want to be the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and are not afraid of sharing information or secrets with our clients and friends. We hope this post will give you some ideas.

Start with your vision. Go back to being a child, take the crayons out and the sketching paper and just draw. Make a sketch – you can erase and start over, it will be easier than replanting trees or moving big shrubs later. Your next consideration should be getting a good grip on the issue and difference between annual and perennial. Learn what plants, flowers, shrubs, bushes, etc. will grow best in your area – you can use the tools at for a quick check for your ZIP code and use the hardiness zone for selecting/choosing plants. Consider, too, the season you will launch and execute your landscape project – you don’t want to do a patio in December when it’s snowing and 25F with and it feels like 5F!

NOTE: the English have a saying, “I am not that rich to buy cheap” – keep that in mind when selecting and buying materials. A higher quality product may cost you a few extra dollars but it will give you more value and for a longer time. Ask us for connections to local stores and suppliers, if you don’t know where to start or if you are looking for specialized materials and supplies.

Irrigation and watering around Kansas City and in the mid-west is much left to Mother Nature but it will be worth every penny if you use drip irrigation to water your plants and shrubs. The system is easy to install and it will provide your plants with a consistent supply of water. You will also see better numbers on your water bill each month during the active watering months of the year.

NOTE: We provide free-of-charge estimates and would come out to see your project and ideas. We do that with the hope and expectation that you will hire us for your projects but if you just need ideas and a quick consultation, while not being sure you will hire us, tell us at the time of setting the appointment and we would still like to consult you for a small fee.

Your project may not need the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and you could approach your project as Weekend DYI Project. However, you can avoid some expensive mistake later if you get a professional consultation. We can provide you with specific ideas for plants, how much space they will take, how they grow and change colors, what can you do for your soil, the options for edging are endless, the designs of patios are only matched by the number of the stars in the Galaxy of Absalom – when we meet and talk, we can give you a lot more ideas than what you can get from just browsing Pinterest.

When you think about your ongoing lawn care, leave behind some of the clipped grass while mowing your yard. The grass clippings will provide nutrients to your yard, so the lawn will be in less need of fertilizer. If your HOA won’t frown on you, leave your dandelions in place – they are considered weeds by many but the truth is that if they grow, this means that your soil needs some nutrients and those little pesky yellow guys can do a great job for that. Here’s a great resource to read more about the dandelions.

When planning your landscape, think about all four seasons. Look for plants that bloom at different times. Research plans for what will turn your place beautiful all throughout the year. Also, think about plants are native and have much better chance of growing and thriving in our mid-western climate than “foreign” plants. You will be also spending less time and money for upkeep of native plants. For specific things that you can do each month, take a look at this great resource from our friends from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

If you end up doing a project on your own, send us some pictures! We would love to see them and will post them here for the whole world to see!

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Video Gallery

You can view our videos from the Video Section of our website but we also like posting video links here, within our Blog Section, as it allows us to share them in an easier way and also push them on Facebook. Enjoy, share, and leave us some comments or feedback. We love hearing back from our friends and clients!

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Lawn Maintenance Checklist: Learn What You Need To Do Each Season (by Sharon Kelley)

Your lawn is both a natural and an artificial environment. Because the grass is living, like every plant, it will respond to seasonal changes in the surroundings. But since it is planted by you and sustained by your direct effort (because it is probably not native to the area), it will need your help to survive those seasonal changes.

Knowing how the four seasons affect your lawn and what to do to protect it is one of the greatest aspects of lawn management. What you do in one year of lawn management sets the tone for the results you get in the following year. A great looking lawn doesn’t happen by chance; it results from understanding lawn care as an ongoing process that stretches from one year to another.

A nice lawn will make your home beautiful, more pleasant to live in and improve its market value, explains SCUDO, a real estate and property management company in Kansas City. Good lawn care is good business. But you will only get that great lawn by careful planning and organization. You deserve a professional guideline to direct your activities for the best results with your yearly lawn maintenance.

This detailed lawn maintenance checklist is just that. It will take the guesswork out of your lawn maintenance for each of the four seasons of the year.

A lawn maintenance checklist for every season of the year

The advice here is general; it does not include specific steps to care for cool-season grass or warm-season grass.

1. Spring Lawn Care

Most of your spring work will involve steps to help you get ready for the coming months.

Monitor the lawn: Carefully inspect the lawn when the snow melts and the spring begins. Look for water pooling in parts of the lawn. If there are puddles on the lawn, plan to aerate it.

Prepare your tools: Now is the time to sharpen your tools and give your lawn equipment a tune-up. Make sure the mower is working and has the recommended fluid levels. Do the same for your leaf blower and every tool you need to look after the lawn.

Apply pre-emergent: Apply pre-emergent now to make weed control easier for the rest of the year. Do this before crabgrass seeds start germinating, usually when temperatures get to the mid-high 50s.

Rake lightly: The goal here is to help sunlight penetrate the matted grass on your lawn. Do this with care; do not tear up the lawn.

Aerate the soil: This step is only necessary if the thatch is heavy or the soil appears to be compacted. If you are unsure about this, you may ask an expert for help.

2. Summer Lawn Care

Initiate pest control: Summer is the season for pests. You want to start your pest control plan early and on the right note. Check the yard for grubs. Do not use broad-spectrum insecticides; granular pest control and organic pesticides are better.

Mow the lawn: This will depend on the type of grass on the lawn. Usually, you don’twant to cut the grass shorter than 2 – 2 ½ inches. Cut the grass too low, and weeds will find room to sprout.

Water your lawn: Most lawns will need around one inch of water every week. But this also depends on weather conditions in your area (temperature and wind) and the type of grass. Whatever you do, avoid overwatering so as not to encourage fungal growth.

Take care of mystery spots: If there are spots of browning grass on the lawn, you may be overwatering, or it could be a fungus. To discover what is causing the mystery spot, talk to your local nursery.

Adjust your mower: It will get warmer as summer progresses. Protect the lawn by not mowing during periods when the grass is under stress. If the grass appears to be thinning, raise your mower’s blade.

3. Fall Lawn Care

Lower mower blade: Lower the blade of your mower a little at a time; do this as the grass gets shorter and halt when it eventually stops growing.

Reduce watering: Reduce the amount of water. But to keep the lawn hydrated, do not stop watering altogether.

Dethatch the lawn: Do this step if you did not do it in spring but be careful not to set the tines too deep. Dethatching will rid dead grass and let more air and moisture penetrate the soil.

Rake leaves: This allows sunlight to reach the root of the plants and keep them strong going into winter.

4. Winter Lawn Care

Most of your work is done, but not all of it.

Prep for summer: Clean and repair your tools. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when storing equipment.

Protect the lawn: Stake the perimeter of the lawn to prevent damage by plows or snow throwers.

Get educated: Get the information you need to make your lawn even better next year.

From American Lawn and Landscape: Thank you, Sharon, for the guest blog post! We appreciate your heart and attitude of wanting to help your clients maintain their properties all year around. It sure makes the process easier when the time comes to sell! For more information and/or questions, reach out to Sharon at SCUDO and tell them that the best landscaper in Kearney, MO sent you!

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