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Lawn Maintenance Checklist: Learn What You Need To Do Each Season (by Sharon Kelley)

Your lawn is both a natural and an artificial environment. Because the grass is living, like every plant, it will respond to seasonal changes in the surroundings. But since it is planted by you and sustained by your direct effort (because it is probably not native to the area), it will need your help to survive those seasonal changes.

Knowing how the four seasons affect your lawn and what to do to protect it is one of the greatest aspects of lawn management. What you do in one year of lawn management sets the tone for the results you get in the following year. A great looking lawn doesn’t happen by chance; it results from understanding lawn care as an ongoing process that stretches from one year to another.

A nice lawn will make your home beautiful, more pleasant to live in and improve its market value, explains SCUDO, a real estate and property management company in Kansas City. Good lawn care is good business. But you will only get that great lawn by careful planning and organization. You deserve a professional guideline to direct your activities for the best results with your yearly lawn maintenance.

This detailed lawn maintenance checklist is just that. It will take the guesswork out of your lawn maintenance for each of the four seasons of the year.

A lawn maintenance checklist for every season of the year

The advice here is general; it does not include specific steps to care for cool-season grass or warm-season grass.

1. Spring Lawn Care

Most of your spring work will involve steps to help you get ready for the coming months.

Monitor the lawn: Carefully inspect the lawn when the snow melts and the spring begins. Look for water pooling in parts of the lawn. If there are puddles on the lawn, plan to aerate it.

Prepare your tools: Now is the time to sharpen your tools and give your lawn equipment a tune-up. Make sure the mower is working and has the recommended fluid levels. Do the same for your leaf blower and every tool you need to look after the lawn.

Apply pre-emergent: Apply pre-emergent now to make weed control easier for the rest of the year. Do this before crabgrass seeds start germinating, usually when temperatures get to the mid-high 50s.

Rake lightly: The goal here is to help sunlight penetrate the matted grass on your lawn. Do this with care; do not tear up the lawn.

Aerate the soil: This step is only necessary if the thatch is heavy or the soil appears to be compacted. If you are unsure about this, you may ask an expert for help.

2. Summer Lawn Care

Initiate pest control: Summer is the season for pests. You want to start your pest control plan early and on the right note. Check the yard for grubs. Do not use broad-spectrum insecticides; granular pest control and organic pesticides are better.

Mow the lawn: This will depend on the type of grass on the lawn. Usually, you don’twant to cut the grass shorter than 2 – 2 ½ inches. Cut the grass too low, and weeds will find room to sprout.

Water your lawn: Most lawns will need around one inch of water every week. But this also depends on weather conditions in your area (temperature and wind) and the type of grass. Whatever you do, avoid overwatering so as not to encourage fungal growth.

Take care of mystery spots: If there are spots of browning grass on the lawn, you may be overwatering, or it could be a fungus. To discover what is causing the mystery spot, talk to your local nursery.

Adjust your mower: It will get warmer as summer progresses. Protect the lawn by not mowing during periods when the grass is under stress. If the grass appears to be thinning, raise your mower’s blade.

3. Fall Lawn Care

Lower mower blade: Lower the blade of your mower a little at a time; do this as the grass gets shorter and halt when it eventually stops growing.

Reduce watering: Reduce the amount of water. But to keep the lawn hydrated, do not stop watering altogether.

Dethatch the lawn: Do this step if you did not do it in spring but be careful not to set the tines too deep. Dethatching will rid dead grass and let more air and moisture penetrate the soil.

Rake leaves: This allows sunlight to reach the root of the plants and keep them strong going into winter.

4. Winter Lawn Care

Most of your work is done, but not all of it.

Prep for summer: Clean and repair your tools. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when storing equipment.

Protect the lawn: Stake the perimeter of the lawn to prevent damage by plows or snow throwers.

Get educated: Get the information you need to make your lawn even better next year.

From American Lawn and Landscape: Thank you, Sharon, for the guest blog post! We appreciate your heart and attitude of wanting to help your clients maintain their properties all year around. It sure makes the process easier when the time comes to sell! For more information and/or questions, reach out to Sharon at SCUDO and tell them that the best landscaper in Kearney, MO sent you!

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Fellow Landscapers Blog: Flagstones

Hello Fellow Landscapers!

Over the years we have installed several flagstone pathways. They are excellent pieces to connect landscapes or get you from your back door to your garage door. We have installed them in grass, mulch, and pea gravel.

One of my favorite flagstone pathways that we installed was in mulch in a secret garden. It led from the side yard to the back yard. It twisted through pines and hydrangea bushes. The backyard was so shaded that the grass would not grow. This made for a very muddy part of the landscape. The flagstone path and mulch eliminated the mud issue and gave the homeowner a beautiful and functional walking path.

Spring is just around the corner and this is a great time to look around your property. We are available to meet for free consultation and would provide our clients an itemized estimate, giving them the options of picking and choosing the right mix and amount of project they would like to do.

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Blog: Landscape Apprentice Lesson #5


“Garden Path” by jeffrey tucker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It was 93F yesterday and it felt like 98F, yikes! Needless to say, I drank a lot of water. And a lot of water came out of me, too. I will spare you the details and the mental images. My crew planted over 80 bushes in two days, we created nice mulched rings around all the plants, and – yes, you guessed it right: we watered everything! Twice! Well, not on the same day but we watered all plants on the first and on the second day.

Water is important for plants. Just the same as H2O is important for our bodies. As I am reading and studying so many things, I came across this article that might be helpful for you and for what you do with your gardens and plants. Enjoy the read at The Top 5 Watering Myths.

Stay well hydrated not just during hot days but every day!

nasko-lazarov-bearded-pic-with-murryWishing all our friends, customers, and fans a great weekend: stay well, stay positive, and wash your hands before and after you use the bathroom.

~Nasko D. Lazarov, along with my K9 Landscaper, Murry


img_4266Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in The Landscape Apprentice blog represent the personal views and opinions of the author of the blog and do not represent an official policy or position of American Lawn & Landscape and its owners.

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Blog: Landscape Apprentice Lesson #3 – Sharpen Your Tools

It is the infamous saying that if you use a dull ax it will take you longer time to cut down a tree but the same applies for grinding tree stumps! Let me make one thing clear: grinding tree stumps should be declared illegal, immoral, unethical, and just plain waste of time and gas. Although the first refueling of the stump grinding machine cost me only 99 cents…

We had a wonderful customer who was just tired of his grass not growing. Plenty of trees in the back yard, lots of shaded areas where the sun doesn’t bring its vitamin D to the grassy blades and a big white pine in the front yard, soiling the ground with plenty of sap. Customer wants the tree down, the tree goes down, debris everywhere, and the fun of grinding the stump (plus another one from a large oak tree) began. Except that the boss told us we should be done in about an hour and here we were, two hours later and barely any progress! Called the boss and his assessment hit the bulls eye, “your stump grinder is dull!” What?! We just wasted two hours of our lives and didn’t check the grinding blade?! Yep… return grinder and repeat on next day, this time renting from a better place.

And what a difference a sharper blade makes! Oh me, oh my! The first day, we were trying to cut a tree stump with a butter knife. The second day, we were on the moment the blade hit the stump! It was music to our ears and a joy to our hearts! We had to move over 8 full wheelbarrows with wooden shavings but we didn’t mind: we were getting it done, baby! All because of a sharp blade! What a difference!

If you are working on a project and it is taking a lot longer maybe you need to take a look at your tools. Make sure they are sharp, oiled, maintained well, and serviced regularly. Otherwise, just as our enthusiastic crew learned, you will be wasting time, energy, and gas. Better yet, call us and we can do it for you!

That’s the happy face of Matthew McCook, operating the sharper and better stump grinder on Day Two of Operation Stumps Out

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in The Landscape Apprentice blog represent the personal views and opinions of the author of the blog and do not represent an official policy or position of American Lawn & Landscape and its owners.

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